Daina Smith, RN, ASFP


Daina (pronounced. Di-nah) often signs her emails as: “a.k.a. the wife,” as she is usually Joe’s partner in all of his ventures (and adventures).

When they first got married and Joe was the traveling RT, she was the non-medical spouse. She knows what it is like to move the household every few months, tag along, pick up odd jobs, and be the one lost in the medical conversations.

When they traveled, she worked for HR Block in their busiest office in the US, so she knows tax prep.

After becoming a ICU/PACU nurse, she was the one that put her husband through grad school working agency/per diem shifts in the Washington DC area and so she is familiar with the world of: Never knowing where you next shift will be, walking into a unit where they hand you a temporary Pyxis number, and that is the end of your orientation.

Last, but not least, she often reminds everyone in the office that she is the only “P” in the group (Meyers Briggs again). What does that mean to you? Well, if you are not of the: keep-to-the-schedule, follow-the-agenda, fill-out-the-forms, and be a neat-and-orderly type of person, there is someone in the office who understands!!!! (Very rare in the financial/tax world.)

Her job is to keep track of things, jumping into any job as needed from tax preparation to education, and is the creative resource for the company. Since she also the one in the office that has the greatest knack for computers and writing Q&A... so guess who put together this awesome website?

Yup, been married 25+ years, we are beginning to act the same...